Dominant Corona Variants worldwide:

Comparison of deaths in connection with Covid-19 in the age group 80+ before and after the start of vaccination:

Key figures from the data of the RKI (the german CDC) and the german health centers:

Key figure from the DIVI - Intensivbettenregister (Intensive care bed register):

Effective utilization of the intensive care units (taking into account regional capacities):

Worldwide key figures from the databases of ESRI (RKI, CDC, WHO,...):

Switzerland: BAG - Intensive Care Beds:

Austria: AGES - Key Figures from Austria:

USA: Covid-19 Key Figures from the CDC:

Nederland: Kerncijfers voor Nederland:

Italia: Cifre chiave Covid-19 per Italia:

France: Chiffres clés du Covid-19 pour la France:

España: Cifras clave del Covid-19 para España:

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